Jewellery Valuation Events



Attending a Valuation Day is a fantastic opportunity to meet our valuers face to face. These events are held in your local jewellers all over the country. You can take your jewellery, watches and silverware for a valuation and learn more about the item as well as receiving a verbal valuation from the valuer. Your items will also be photographed on the day.

Appointments are advisable, as these events are very popular. There is a charge for this service.

To find a valuation day local to you please click here

  Please click on the images below to see what happens on the day.

valuation day 1. Our valuers carry portable equipment around the country enabling then to carry out valuations in store at your local Jewellers.
valuation day 2. Your jewellery will be photographed with a digital camera and the images will be stored onto our secure database along with your details.
3. Our valuer will assess your jewellery item and record a description.  Any distinguishing features will also be noted.
valuation day 4. If your item is not hallmarked, acid tests will be carried out to determine the metal fineness of your  jewellery item.
5. All the stones in your jewellery item are measured to calculate the estimated weight, this is recorded along with your details onto our secure database..
valuation day 6. The valuer will give you a verbal assessment and value on your jewellery items.
SGvaluation 7. Your valuation document will be prepared at SafeGuard’s head office in Birmingham, and will be returned to your Jeweller’s within 7-10 days. 



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