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How do I arrange a probate jewellery valuation?

If you are undertaking DIY probate, as an executor or administrator, you must ensure you correctly value any jewellery that the deceased owned or had an interest in at the date of their death.  Inheritance Tax is payable if the assets (including jewellery) in the estate exceed certain thresholds and penalties are payable if an incomplete or inaccurate return is submitted.  It is important that jewellery is not overlooked as it could be worth more than you think.  The best way to comply with your duties is to obtain a professional valuation.

Jewellery is one of the common items that holds its value and might be worth more than you expect.

Our valuers will give you an open market value of the jewellery at the date of death which can be submitted alongside the inheritance tax forms.

SafeGuard provides a truly independent valuation service delivered by our team of passionate, highly experienced, qualified valuers. All are Fellow members of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and all have extensive knowledge and experience in providing valuations on items, both contemporary and antique.

Our expert team will determine the value of jewellery, watches or silverware for a variety of purposes including insurance, probate, private sale and family division. Our Valuers have a vast, comprehensive knowledge of and experience at valuing jewellery and watches for probate.

Our valuation jewellery report will be in the name of the individual giving instructions, usually a solicitor, relative or an executor. The report will also include the full name of the estate of the deceased, being examined.

We can carry out the valuation either on site at a location chosen by the client or the jewellery can be collected from a specific location, assessed and valued at our Offices and returned to you when complete. We will always give a realistic timescale for completing the Valuations based on the number of pieces to be valued and the anticipated research and examination time involved.  

If you have any purchase receipts, diamond certificates or reports, or any previous valuations, we request that you to provide along with the item.  


What’s the difference between a probate valuation and a valuation for insurance purposes?

Unlike a valuation for insurance purposes, a probate valuation will indicate what the item might achieve if it was sold through auction or disposed of through the jewellery trade on the date of death of the deceased.  The value is determined taking a number of factors into account including the quality and age of the item, precious metal fineness, gemstone and diamond quality, prevailing tastes, whether it is a collectable and the condition of the item.

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